The Flea Show - A Stop Motion Victorian Flea Circus

An animated short film from about a Victorian Flea Circus. The idea for the Miley Cyrus tickets film is based on a production made by Olivier Crepin Le-Blond from .

Welcome to my Flea Circus


"Thank you"

"Thank you "

"Welcome to our Flea Circus"

Poster for Flea Circus


The fleas will perform various feats of bravery and strength, including a high wire and multiple somersaults u2 tickets into a tub of water, watched by an audience of cardboard cutouts. Due to an unfortunate series of events non of the tricks go too well and the fleas have to be taken away one by one.

The style is intended to mimic a model stop motion animation but is all made in the computer.

Film work in progress

At the January 2006 preview screening at the STOIC studio the flea film seo web hosting got a standing ovation. In a late night screening session version 21 of the flea circus storyboard was shown to a mixed audience of old and new STOIC members. Due to limited facilities, no chairs were available. The production of the film is slow and irratice as it has to fit around real life and other commitments.

The character design for the Ring Master has moved on a long way since It's Ming added a jacket to his Freeman character.wayback machine There's been a lot of effort put into the lighting and texturing of the props and set. A working version of the animation of the three acts is complete and also a draft version of the interlude has been created. The remaining parts mostly pippin tickets

The casting of Crotaz has been completed thanks to the  and thanks where can i host my website to Biz the Drummer on Myspace I also have a Scottish voice for the character.

You can keep track of things via the  or the blog.

Production Details